Run safe, run strong: essential treadmill safety tips


With a treadmill, you can enjoy doing cardio if you know the right method. It doesn’t matter if you are a newcomer or a gym enthusiast, learning the correct method to run on a treadmill is a must. Otherwise, you will eventually get injured. After you learn the right technique, you can even modify your workout by changing the setting of the treadmill. It will make it more fun and interesting. 

With the advanced treadmills, you can enjoy a lot of new features. It is not only a simple cardio machine anymore; you can watch shows or listen to music while you workout. Also, you can monitor your heart rate and the speed of the machine. 

However, you must follow a safety guide before you begin running, and we have that guidance right here.

Schedule your time

A treadmill is always a high-demand piece of equipment in gyms. It’s normal for your fellow gym buddies to take their turn. Hence, it is important that you schedule your running time when there is no rush at the gym, and you have enough time to run. It will allow you to run comfortably without having to leave the treadmill without completing your exercise.

Begin Slowly 

Even if you are feeling full of energy and wish to begin your run with a bang, we advise you not to do so. It is important to warm up your body slowly. Similarly, you can’t start the machine by hitting it at speed level 10. You have to begin with speed level 2 and gradually increase as you gain pace and your muscles get warmed up. It will eliminate the chances of possible injuries and help you gain strength in your legs. 

Don’t use your phone 

Don’t use your phone! Yes, that is an important tip you should not forget when on a treadmill. Make sure not to use wired earphones to listen to your favourite tracks. Instead, you can use Bluetooth earphones. Also, make sure not to take calls or chat in text while running on a treadmill, as this can distract you and make you fall badly. 

Maintain your body posture 

Posture plays an important role in keeping away injuries. If you are unable to maintain the right posture, you are likely to injure your legs and spine. Hence, you need to keep your back straight and focus on your legs so that you don’t slip and your body moves seamlessly when you run. Also, make sure to get top-notch sports shoes to protect your feet.  

Pace yourself

The treadmill’s belt and floor are designed to assist both your feet and knees to minimise accidents and distress, but you must also set achievable goals for yourself. Constantly run at a rate that makes you feel at ease, and never push yourself too hard; this may lead you to lose balance and tumble. Allow yourself time to move at the pace that suits you.

Cool down yourselves

Don’t disrupt the speed of your treadmill by hitting an emergency stop. Ending abruptly can make you dizzy since your blood pressure decreases after being elevated throughout the exercise session. It’s important to gradually lessen your inclination and pace to ensure you finish the workout feeling fit, steady, and powerful—and eager to continue your routine at the next gym visit.

Bottom line

Now, you must have understood that you should first learn to run on the treadmill. As you know, your safety is the first and most important factor. So start your cardio with a fun and safe treadmill run



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