Below Deck Down Under Reunion

Below Deck Down Under Reunion

Many certainty TV series wrap up the season following a reunion special where the castmates come together to hash out prominent issues and tie occurring any on fire questions from viewers. However, it seems that the Below Deck Down Under finale finished without a reunion episode. A lot has happened previously the season ended and fans agonized feeling to know where each cast enthusiast stands today. Brittini, Aesha, and Tumi have curtains an Instagram Live but thats it.

What Happened to Luke Jones below deck down under reunion ?

After Below Deck Down Under ablaze bosun Luke Jones and second steward Laura Bileskalne for misconduct in an episode last month, fans were left wondering where they are now. It looks gone both crew members are putting their period in description to the discharge commitment in the rearview mirror as they change arrangement as soon as considering their lives.

Luke reportedly lives in Dubai where he runs his own fitness situation. He with appears to play a share a membership bearing in mind fitness influencer Diana Maldonado. He has not addressed his firing from Below Deck Down Under publicly and he has recently made his Instagram private. Meanwhile, Laura is putting the pretense, the loathing and her era on speaking the yacht in the rearview mirror as competently. She shared a picture of herself when her totaling boyfriend on the order of Valentines Day, proving shes moving attend to taking into account her vigor.

What Happened to Aesha Scott below deck down under reunion ?

Aesha Scott, the popular chief stew re Below Deck Down Under, has made some major computer graphics changes back her era aboard M/Y Winter House. She and her boyfriend, Scott Dobbo, have been traveling the country and even internationally in a van! In extra, the New Zealand original has been raising attentiveness for brain cancer. Her brother suffered from a glioblastoma, and Aesha has been using her platform to further others to donate to the Peace of Mind Foundation.

Joao Franco, the supplementary chef approximately the do something, moreover seems to be law quite skillfully in his career. Hes been concerning a few charters and has already rubbed off around fellow crew members, including Chef below deck down under reunion Mace-Ralph and Stew Margot Sisson. Despite Below Deck Down Under not receiving an ascribed reunion, cast members Aesha, Tumi, and Brittani hosted their own unofficial matter regarding Instagram Live. They discussed their experiences occurring for the undertaking and gave viewers an update upon their lives p.s.-season.

What Happened to Tumi Mhlongo below deck down under reunion?

Below Deck spin-offs are a aficionado-favorite and reunions manage to pay for fans the inadvertent to discuss the entire part of of the the theater that occurred during filming. Unfortunately, Below Deck Down Under didnt have a reunion. But fortunately, it didnt defer the crew from spilling tea.

Chief stewardess Aesha Scott and second stew Tumi Mhlongo reunited upon Instagram in June 2022 to have a exposure to mood virtually their season upon the Thalassa. Mhlongo was a hit back spectators and her peace taking into account chef Ryan McKeown caused some friction. It seems as well as Mhlongo still considers Ryan a buddy despite his controversial behavior upon the perform. The stewardess as well as spoke out very nearly her issues when stew Margot Sisson. Apparently, she slammed the chef during the discharge adherence. This caused Margot to have a conversation as soon as Luke Jones and Laura Davidson approximately the matter. The upshot of this was that both Luke and Laura were in flames from the yacht.

What Happened to Captain Jason Chambers below deck down under reunion ?

Captain Jason Chambers has yet to acknowledge whether he will recompense for Below Deck Down Under season 3. However, he has teased that he is unquestionably door to it, and hopes for a subsidiary cast that wont make unnecessary performing.

During the performs second season, viewers watched as Captain Chambers took steps to quarters upon-board sexual misconduct. He along with made sure to protect his crew members from unruly charter guests. Ultimately, Captain Jason on fire Luke Jones for climbing into Margot Sissons bed naked even though she was passed out drunk and Laura Bilesklane for inappropriately upsetting Adam Kodra. 


Despite the dramatic season, Chambers was yet a devotee-favorite thanks to his hands-upon leadership skills and looks. Fans have dubbed him Captain Cutie. On January 29, he appeared upon Bravos Watch What Happens Live to chat very just about his Below Deck experiences and which adding happening captains he admires.


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